Trailers For Moving

Moving can mean literally packing up all of your items and taking them across the state, across the country or across the world and settling into somewhere new. It can also mean taking your stuff and moving it across the city, down the street or to the next town.

If the move you are undertaking is small in distance, you may not need those pricey movers after all, simply use your trailer. Or rent a trailer. Or borrow a trailer. You get the idea.

Now you may be thinking that your trailer just won’t cut it for a move. Maybe it’s open to the elements, maybe it doesn’t have sturdy sides but as long as the weather cooperates (or you use tarps) and things are held down safely there is no reason why items like couches, chairs, tables and mattresses can’t be taken to their new home with a trailer attached to your vehicle. Of course, care has to be taken in how you load and unload the cargo. No one wants to be liable if a mattress flies off during transit and hurts another motorist, and similarly, no one wants items broken or damaged because they fell, moved or shifted during the trip.

It’s all a bit easier if you have/borrow/rent a trailer with proper sides and a roof. These are able to be locked for security purposes and of course keep the contents free from any precipitation that may occur. Again, though how you pack the contents goes a long way in how you find them at the end of your trip. Taking care to tie things down and to load items so that they are solidly in place without any fear of tipping or falling makes for happy faces to unload once at the destination.

No matter how large your trailer may be, you likely won’t get all of the items to where they are going in one trip. This is why it’s a great option for short distance moves where you can afford to take two or three trips back and forth in a day or weekend.

If you think a trailer is just something to use to haul topsoil home from the nursery or to carry your tools to and from work, you’re not seeing all that these interesting accessories can do. Skip the expensive movers, pack properly and viola, a cheap and happy move for all!