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All Is Well With The Willys

In New Delhi: Indian Times News Network has reported that the Willys Jeep which was popular during the Second World War in the forties was recently reported to be going strong. It should be noted that the Willys Jeep has become an icon before the 70s and 80s and has continued to be so until new age vehicles took over.

In a small and dusty town of Punjab, there is still a strong market for the old and abandoned Jeep chassis which automobile lovers go to shop. The largest second-hand jeep market of Moga has connoisseurs that have even descended from the hilly reigns of Shimla, and a number of other states. And thats not all! Who would ever think that the famous Porsche preferring NRI clan in Punjab has become an avid follower of the Jeep Mandi?

According to Mohinder Singh, one of the dealers in Moga, if you see the old chassis and new Jeep Willys, you will not be able to find even one fault in the car and one look at it will make you buy it. Furthermore, once the Willys price is told, next time you know its gone. It only takes about 60 seconds to sell a Willys. The price range of a Willys Jeep starts from Rs 1.65 lakh to a maximum of Rs 2 lakh. The Jeep with all its wonders is one incredible purchase.

The abandoned chassis is fitted with a top of the line Toyota turbo diesel engine which is preferred for its high fuel efficiency and pick up performance and cost about Rs 40,000. Also available are modern accessories and chrome alloys with price ranging from Rs 25,000 and Rs 30,000. The prices also include the margin of dealers that reaches up to Rs 30,000.

The Willys were given post modifications and are set to hit the road. The main road of Moga is flooded with different people especially during Sundays, who converge to the place not only to buy the latest Jeep but also to get the best set of wheels for their vehicles. The latest open air Jeep with its low price tag is not a bad buy at all especially since most of its components like for instance its Jeep exhaust manifold and other auto parts have undergone the same stern quality test as that of the range toppers.

Jagmohan Singh, another Jeep dealer in Moga, There are close to 100 dealers here in the city and each dealer sold at least 10 Jeeps every week. That transpires into a lot of business for us. Many ministers and local MLAs also come here. In fact, most of the students purchasing the Jeep end up getting upgrades every week.

The Moga Jeep Mandi has been in close competition with the Dabwali Mandi which is situated in Sangrur. But according to dealers from Moga they have been able to surpass the Dabwali benchmark since they sell more Jeeps. Most of the dealers purchase their chassis from army auctions but since the auction have ceased, dealers from villagers provide the Jeep Mandi with chassis. Such trade has not affected business at all. The Moga treatment to Jeep has been selling like hotcakes and this has been going on prior to the changes from the army side.

Autozone Auto Parts The Biggest Sponsors Of Auto Racing

AutoZone Auto Parts is one of the biggest supporters of auto racing in the US. Whether it is AutoZone Auto Parts automobiles or full AutoZone Auto Parts races they do it all. Recently they became sponsors of the NASCAR Elite division and we are going to take a look and see exactly what that means.

AutoZone Auto Parts – Elite NASCAR Sponsor

AutoZone Auto Parts is now the title sponsor for the NASAR Elite Division. The Elite Division, which will now be re-named the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division, consists of four individual racing series in four regions of the country – Midwest, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest.

The NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division features Late Model style cars competing on a variety of short tracks and super speedways and serves as a feeder system to the NASCAR Grand National Division and NASCAR’s three national series.

What this means to you the fan is that one of the most exciting and original race series under the NASCAR umbrella gets some serious corporate sponsorship. While this is a lower level of competition in NASCAR, the racers in this division are of the utmost quality and competition is truly at a premium.

This division is designed to give competitors at local short tracks a path to advance their careers toward the Winston Cup, Busch, and Craftsman Truck Series. After mastering their skills in this division drivers can go to the Grand National Division.

The division will comprise nearly two hundred and fifty race teams competing in fifty events annually. Many times these events are held with the three national series to provide additional media and fan exposure for the teams and drivers. There were many drivers currently racing in NASCAR’s top circuit that began here.

At the end of the year the ten best drivers will be brought together for an invitational only showdown that will showcase the top regional racers from around the country. This lower level division is a much need circuit to continue to feed top drivers into circuits throughout the NASCAR world.

I guarantee that if you give this race a chance you will be impressed by the skill of the drivers. The speeds may not be as intense as the top level, but the competition is at a high level as racers compete to try to further their careers. Each race could be there big chance to break through and get recognized or picked up by a top team. In addition by gaining points each racer has a chance to try to get themselves into the shootout at the end.

Everybody Will Need To Learn About Spirulina Powder Benefits

There are rather a number of spirulina powder advantages. Spirulina is an anti-oxidant which can be identified in powder type and can advantage several places from the human biology program. Spirulina may also be utilized being an help to weight loss as part of the wholesome balanced diet plan. Spirulina is usually a blue algae, discovered in tropical shores within the south eastern portion of Asia.

In contrast to most other crops, it does not have roots, leaves, or stems. It does contain a colouring named chlorophyll that is required by all plants to flip sunlight into power.

Spirulina has higher amounts of vitamins and minerals and has lots of detoxifying properties. You will find 36 species of spirulina that are edible.

Throughout the 1970s, spirulina has become well-liked in lots of countries as being a well being food or dietary complement. Spirulina is naturally low in calories, consists of lots of vitamins and minerals in quite little volumes.

Spirulina contains two.five g to 3.5 g of protein for each 5 g of powder. Spirulina is surely an remarkable supply of various carotenoids. It really is an exceptional source of iron that is 3 mg to 8 mg per 5 g of spirulina. In addition to this, spirulina is wealthy in phycocyanin, the only blue pigment that serves as organic meals colouring and which is an crucial part of antioxidant activity. In addition, it is made up of chlorophyll and quite smaller amounts of some minerals. That’s why we typically speak of this algae being a “super food”.

To me, the spirulina rewards are very essential, I hope this is the very same for you personally, mainly because they apply to human beings, animals and also the Earth alike. Spirulina is a real tremendous meals as it really is a meals and also a medication.

Spirulina have already been shown to become powerful from a number of forms of cancer in experimental models. It is the phycocyanin in spirulina which has the anti-cancer effect. A current research shows the phycocyanin kills cancerous blood cells.

Spirulina gives the body with extra stamina, power, better nutrient absorption and it truly is completely safe for kids and pregnant females. A decent amount of study continues to be carried out around the benefits of spirulina powder, and it appears to assistance quite a few from the wellness rewards because the supporters of spirulina have claimed.

Spirulina powder continues to be authorized by each the FDA and WHO as being a wholesome foods. 1 of your Spirulina benefits is the fact that it features a glucose reducing effect. A current research in which persons with sort two diabetes, showed that spirulina decreased blood glucose.

Spirulina is incredibly preferred among athletes and bodybuilders. In conclusion, there are several intriguing positive aspects to be had inside the usage of spirulina. Spirulina could be extra to all sorts of fruit juices to make it a lot more nutritious. It can be tasty in soups, pasta or blended with yogurt. Spirulina as well as other spirulina items are utilised all about the world.

Yet another of your Spirulina advantages is the fact that it really is also an excellent anti-aging foods because it includes a concentrated nutrient worth; it is readily digested and complete to the brim with anti-oxidants. Beta Carotene is good for wholesome eyes and vision. After we opt for to eat much less meat, dietary supplements for instance spirulina are excellent sources of iron and other necessary minerals.

Want to Learn about spirulina health benefit and spirulina health benefit?

Want to Learn about spirulina health and spirulina health ?

Complaint Against Skoda Auto

Skoda Auto Customer Care packages provide complementary cashless vehicle insurance which helping the customers to put their vehicles back on road very quickly. The package includes third party insurance from various reputed insurance companies with whom the company has tied up and also provides own damage. There are attractive rates on Own Damage premiums and they also provide quality rebuilt engines. But often in many cases their promises are not kept and the consumers have to face difficulties in repairing the vehicle. There are various Skoda auto complaints lodged by various consumers.
The company provides a wide range of services including planning, maintenance, training, trouble shooting, upgrading and various others. They also have automated way of providing services by sales and service representative or in the internet site. This facility is provided 24x7x365 that is it can be availed at any time of the day from anywhere. One can simply log in to their official site and lodge any complaint or ask any query or can call on their toll free number and get enough information about any Skoda motor or any product. They provide extended warranty and owners manual for any vehicle manufactured by Skoda motors. As a valued Skoda motors customer one can get various supports from their workshop like quality servicing or repairs of the customers car. Though there are various Skoda Auto Complaints made by the customers but the company renders full support to the customers and helps them to come out of their problems related with the Skoda car. Mainly there are exchange related problems as the company mainly allows the exchange related schemes to cars which are being purchased by blood relation. One customer had demanded 18% interest on purchase of the car as he had exchanged his car on his fathers name and booked a new car on his wifes name so the discount scheme was not valid for him and the company had not provided any knowledge about this to him. There are many Skoda Auto Complaints which states bonus related problems where a promotional programme or scheme which had offered customers with a good respective amount of money to delivered within certain months, and the promises are not fulfilled. There are also vehicle parts related problems which mainly occur when parts are being exchanged by locally made vehicle parts and this problem is readily resolved when original Skoda auto part is used.
Skoda motors render an emergency support team which readily solves any mechanical or electrical breakdown problems or if a car faces any kind of road accident immediate road side assistance is provided by the Skoda team throughout India 24*7. This programme was started to acclaim customers goodwill and help them to have a hassle free ride anywhere and everywhere in India. Thus even though there are several Skoda Auto Complaints, they render qualified and trained and experienced technicians, service advisors and customer relationship officers. Special tools and quality parameter for repairing are being used to meet the customers needs providing the best industry labor charges. Comprehensive accidental repairs are also done by the experts who are experienced in body and paint shop technology and the company also provides state of the art world class pneumatically automated workshops.