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History Of The Trucking Industry

The trucking industry as we know it, began at the turn of the twentieth century with the invention of the motorized truck. Motorized vehicles were competition for the railroad industry and became a major factor in the increase of land transportation of goods throughout the United States. The development of fuel also contributed to the increased use of trucks. As motor technology advanced and improved, there was a natural progression for the construction of paved roads. As a result, there were regulations set by the state and federal government that were to be adhered to when moving freight.

Prior to the use of trucks, trains were the most efficient mode of transporting goods because it had the capacity to accommodate bulk. Trucks were initially used to deliver items to remote locations that were inaccessible for the train. The first boom in the usage of trucks occurred during the 1920s. At this time, roads were improving and made delivery locations more accessible. Eventually more durable tires replaced the rubber tires and trucks were made larger in order to carry more goods while providing comfort to the driver.

The first trucks were extremely heavy and had crude mechanisms. Initially they were only providing delivery and hauling to the city. This restriction was due in large part because the trucks could not handle the pothole and unpaved roads. The Automobile Club of America put on the very first United States contest for commercial vehicles; the goal of the test was to examine the reliability, speed and capacity of the truck. Excited by the results of the contest, manufacturers were to meet the demand for trucks and the use of trucks for freight transportation flourished.

The trucking industry as we know it was still in its infancy when the Great Depression hit and a number of trucking companies were forced to close their operations. The companies who survived were able to benefit from the repeal of Prohibition, which also occurred during a time of economic recovery. In 1935, Congress passed the Motor Carrier Act; this act halted the legislative mudslinging between the rail and automotive providers and provided structure for the industry. At that time, the federal government became an investor into the railroad industry, which happened to have also from the depression, as well as from the emerging auto transport industry.

The Motor Carrier Act set regulations for freight-hauling. The act limited the hours that could be driven. It also mandated the classification of freight that could be carried. The owners of the trucking companies became concerned that the new regulations would compromise their competitive advantage over established rail companies. As infrastructures were improved, driver demand increased and opened up opportunity for new businesses to enter the market.

The trucking industry is a key player in the American economy through the transportation of raw materials, produce, and finished goods. Trucks are also vital to the construction industry when large amounts of materials are needed for a project. Currently, the American trucking industry is responsible for most of the movement of freight and will continue to be essential for US manufacturing and construction.

Under the regulation of ICC, companies who have for-hire trucks were required to apply for a license if they wanted like to enter the interstate markets. The guidelines were strict and licenses were granted only if it could be proven that there was a need for additional capacity. The rates, which used to be an agreement between the trucker and the customer, were put in the hands of bureaus. The rate bureaus are owned and administered by participating carriers. The bureaus job is to analyze costs and initiate pricing standards and competitive rates within the industry. In 1980, Congress put through a trucking deregulation bill. The goal of the bill was to increase competition and this competition resulted in reduced shipping costs for customers.

Prior to 1983, truck size and weight limitations were set by individual states. The federal government pushed for legislation that set limitations on the interstate highway system. In addition to increasing the size and weight limitations on truck, the law also resulted in an increase of the national gas tax and increased fees on the industry. Currently, the trucking industry is responsible for paying roughly half of all state and federal road user taxes.

Trailers For Moving

Moving can mean literally packing up all of your items and taking them across the state, across the country or across the world and settling into somewhere new. It can also mean taking your stuff and moving it across the city, down the street or to the next town.

If the move you are undertaking is small in distance, you may not need those pricey movers after all, simply use your trailer. Or rent a trailer. Or borrow a trailer. You get the idea.

Now you may be thinking that your trailer just won’t cut it for a move. Maybe it’s open to the elements, maybe it doesn’t have sturdy sides but as long as the weather cooperates (or you use tarps) and things are held down safely there is no reason why items like couches, chairs, tables and mattresses can’t be taken to their new home with a trailer attached to your vehicle. Of course, care has to be taken in how you load and unload the cargo. No one wants to be liable if a mattress flies off during transit and hurts another motorist, and similarly, no one wants items broken or damaged because they fell, moved or shifted during the trip.

It’s all a bit easier if you have/borrow/rent a trailer with proper sides and a roof. These are able to be locked for security purposes and of course keep the contents free from any precipitation that may occur. Again, though how you pack the contents goes a long way in how you find them at the end of your trip. Taking care to tie things down and to load items so that they are solidly in place without any fear of tipping or falling makes for happy faces to unload once at the destination.

No matter how large your trailer may be, you likely won’t get all of the items to where they are going in one trip. This is why it’s a great option for short distance moves where you can afford to take two or three trips back and forth in a day or weekend.

If you think a trailer is just something to use to haul topsoil home from the nursery or to carry your tools to and from work, you’re not seeing all that these interesting accessories can do. Skip the expensive movers, pack properly and viola, a cheap and happy move for all!

Dust To Dust Study Refuted

It can be remembered that last week, a study conducted by CNW Marketing Research reported that hybrid cars are not as green as they appear to be. The study focused on the amount of energy a vehicle would need in its lifetime. The result of the study conducted over two years shows that hybrid cars uses up more energy than conventional gasoline engined vehicles.

In fact, the study claims that compact and midsized SUVs consume less energy than hybrid vehicles. More interestingly, the Hummer is considered greener than hybrid cars. When the eco-friendliness of cars is concerned, environmentalists and points to the gas-guzzling capability of the Hummer. But with the result of the study conducted by CNW gives Hummer lovers an argument in the ongoing battle of words.

Environmentalists though have found an ally in Dr. Peter H. Gleick of the Pacific Institute. Dr. Gleick recently published his study entitled Hummer versus Prius: Dust to Dust Report Misleads the Media and Public with Bad Science. The said paper refuted the study published by CNW Marketing Research.

According to the result of Dr. Gleicks study, the Dust to Dust: The Energy Cost of New Vehicles From Concept to Disposal uses poor assumptions. The data pointed out by Dr. Gleick, which shows that the study conducted by CNW Marketing is erroneous, is the usable life of a Prius and the Hummer.

According to the expert, the original study put the usable lifespan of a Prius at only 11 years while the Hummers lifespan was placed at 35 years. This disparity in lifespan is also being argued by Prius owners. With the reliability that Japanese automakers are known for, it is indeed surprising that the Toyota Prius was given an expectancy of only 11 years while the Hummer H1 was given an expectancy as high as 35 years.

Another figure being questioned by Dr. Gleicks study reflects the seemingly erroneous lifespan of the vehicles in question. The original study released by CNW Marketing shows that in its lifetime, the Prius covers about 109,000 miles while for the Hummer H1, it was placed at 379,000 miles.

The disparity is being questioned especially by Prius owners who have already covered more than the 109,000 miles assumed by CNW Marketing. The paper released recently by Dr. Gleick does not necessarily show that the Prius uses less energy than conventional vehicles but it points out that the public should be aware of the fact that the study conducted by CNW Marketing may have some erroneous data.

According to CNW, the reason why hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius use more energy in their lifetime is that they are more complex than conventional vehicles. A hybrid uses a powertrain that includes an internal combustion engine and an electric motor powered by a battery pack. The presence of the electric motor alone means that it has more parts thus more energy is being used up in the production of these auto parts.

Another concern is the material used in the manufacturing of hybrid car batteries. Nickel, a major component of the Prius battery pack, is mined in Canada and shipped to China than to Japan. During the transportation of the said material, petroleum fuels are used by cargo ships and trucks. The study conducted by CNW took this into consideration.

Meanwhile, Hummer H1s even with Hummer car covers uses considerably fewer auto parts than advanced hybrids. This debate though is far from being over even with the dust to dust study being refuted.

Auto Parts Online Is Smart

Most car owners look to purchase wholesale automobile parts, because they’re mostly much cheaper. Deals like these are mostly accessible amidst auto parts dealers to draw in purchasers to do business with them. Since they are sold in large quantities, the cost is staggered. Wholesale vehicle components is found inside sets or packages.

However, because illustrated by the hundreds of individual parts for sale at the localized Pep Boys, Autozone or Napa auto parts online store motors, it really takes a lot of machinery to make cars work. If you’re struggling to figure out what all of the parts in your automobile do, this upcoming region can assist.

Saturday, July 10. Kansas City, Kan. Red Eye’s third Annual Poker Run for the Kansas Patriot Soldiers/Soldiers Angels. 6102 State Avenue, 66102. For more info, call (913) 334-6700.

Auto Concepts Elite is on a roll at all of the main tuner shows this year. And they did not hold anything back at the hot Motion car show inside Long Beach, California. The event was at the Long Beach Convention center on Sunday August 21st. Local builder plus Auto Concept Elite member Jamarri Whiteside produced the trip from Beaverton, Oregon. He won the Best Subaru honor plus the team won a total of 15 awards including Best Team and Best inside Show.

But a region that a great deal of persons miss is the car parts store as the employees there usually will answer several standard issues and enable we more then you could think. A lot of the employees at the car parts store are there not only because they need a job, and because they can have an actual interest inside cars plus vehicle repairs.

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+ If you are having difficulty shopping for the components you need, browse through the Internet incredibly for some aged components unavailable inside the locality.

The employed automotive marketplace is pretty huge and there are countless options available for a buyer or a seller. Thus, marketing plus purchasing chosen auto parts could be a pleasurable activity if the dealer knows the right places plus markets.

Gm’s Fairfax Plant To Reduce Its Workforce In May

Sad news for GMs workers in Fairfax plant: the automaker is once again reducing its workforce in the said plant brought about by production slowdown. The automaker has announced that reduction of its Fairfax plant workers will commence in May.

GM has not yet revealed information on the numbers of workers that are going to be affected but according to a local union official, the layoff is likely to affect 300 temporary employees of the plant starting May 7.

Aside from cut in the workforce, the production at the Fairfax plant is also expected to shutdown for a week starting next Monday. Aside from that, the plant will have another scheduled week long closing on April 30.

At present the Fairfax plant has about 2,750 employees of which 2,500 are permanent hourly workers on two shifts. The temporary workforce was the result of GMs companywide reduction program stripping the company with almost 35,000 workers and replacing them with temporary workers.

During the massive downsizing implemented by GM in late 2005, the Fairfax plant has remained untouched. As a matter of fact, the plant even launched a new Saturn Aura which they equipped with only the best quality auto parts like GM brake rotors and more last August, as well as secure funding for the launching of a redesigned Chevrolet Malibu scheduled for launch later this year. And lately the plant has been on an overtime schedule and has worked extra hours for several Saturdays for the past few years.

Unfortunately, the sale of the Malibu which is the plants principal vehicle had slow sales for 2006. GM was able to sell 163, 853 Malibus last year which when compared to 2005 is 20% lesser.

According to Dan Flores, a GM spokesman, Were strategically pulling back from less profitable sales, such as fleet sales. Thats why were making this production adjustment. Flores also added that General Motors and the United Auto Workers officials will meet once again to workout a favorable settlement plus determine the extent of the workforce cutback. It could be a portion of the temporary workers, all of them, or something more. But that is still to be determined.

However, according to John Melton, bargaining chairman for UAW Local 31, he is already anticipating that the permanent hourly workforce at the plant will not be included. I think this is a way for them to get the temporary workers out of the plant. I dont anticipate any of our people with seniority being affected by this.

Discount Auto Parts And Accessories – Making The Best Purchase

Wanting to buy auto parts and accessories at a cheaper cost? It looks like we are all in search for best finds and practically speaking, these “best finds” in our own vocabulary are the ones in which we can buy at a lower cost but are in the best of quality. When we search for them in the search engines, we would definitely search for “discount, auto parts and accessories”, making sure that the word ‘discount’ was included in the search.

Yes, we all want to make an excellent purchase but we don’t want to pay for more than what we can afford. Now, does that make perfect sense? Thankfully, our search for best finds in auto parts and accessories will not be in vain because a lot of them are available and can be purchased online. The Internet makes it possible for us to make that excellent purchase because it’s all in there – wheels and tires, headlights, steering wheels, car seats, and definitely a whole lot more. All the things you would want to buy for your cars, motorcycles and other vehicles are all in there.

Buying used and discounted auto parts and accessories is also an excellent idea because you can definitely buy them at the cheapest deals. However, you would need to check on the quality as well should you decide to buy. There are also brand new parts which are reasonably priced because you are buying from wholesalers who are selling retail for wholesale or factory price. If you also want to buy branded products like Honda auto parts for your classic cars and motorcycles, or a Harley Davidson for vintage motorbikes, etc., you can simply browse the Internet auction sites for the best prices and deals.

Selling auto parts and accessories online is the most practical way of earning a profitable income. This is why it is already convenient for most of us to buy almost everything online.

The hottest place to buy discounted items is through Ebay because people can now choose to buy through verified and top sellers. More and more internet marketers have created more convenient ways to sell auto parts and accessories direct from Ebay by providing specific and updated information about them. They offer convenience in your search and purchase of items at a huge discount. Auto parts and accessories like steering wheels, wheels and tires, spark plugs, three-speakers, etc. can be bought brand new or used, branded or generic.

BMW X3 and 3013 Audi Q5

The BMW X3 and Audi Q5 are two of the most well-known in the auto industry for some good reasons. Both are classy, quite fuel-efficient, and a little more entertaining to drive than their competitors from the U.S. and Asia. However, when they face off and nose to nose, one becomes a clear winner, according to our numeric rankings.

For their performance, the new 2011 Audi’s turbocharged four-cylinder tends to make its own V-6 almost outdated. The front-drive, 211-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbo four helps make more torque than the 270-hp V-6, and obtains better gas mileage too, of 20/27 mpg. It’s a gutsy performer with 0-60 mph times of just over 7.0 seconds, a bit slower and coarser than the six, but drastically less expensive in some trims. But while we get pleasure from the Q5’s drivetrain performance, its handling isn’t rather as amazing, especially when Audi’s Drive Select package of electronic adaptive controls for the transmission, throttle, steering and suspension is ordered. The Q5’s steering doesn’t feel natural, and ride quality in Sport mode can be pretty harsh–though compared to some other crossovers, the Q5 still comes across as more car-like.

BMW provides two drivetrains, both six-cylinders, and because of a new eight-speed automatic, they over shadow the Q5’s straight-line performance and are better or on par with its fuel economy. Of the two, we have a preference for the exceptional acceleration of the 300-hp turbo six; at a 0-60 mph time of 5.5 seconds, it’s the closest approximation of sedan performance in a crossover, and the base six is being changed in the 2013 model year anyway with a more fuel-efficient turbocharged four.

The X3 offers some adjustability to its suspension and steering feel but it’s better categorized than that in the Q5. Ride quality is outstanding, and BMW’s innovative all-wheel-drive system has a power bias to the rear that dials in more sporty response. A spacious car interior with a very high-quality feel offers up a great environment for passengers, and a safe one, with an IIHS Top Safety Pick award. Base models involve leather and satellite radio, for about $35,000; versions over $50,000 push the limits of the pocketbook with characteristics like Bluetooth, which we think should be basic.

It’s remarkably rated, but the Q5 fulfills its match with the newest X3. BMW’s ute is now made in America, and it’s much better in nearly every way than the prior ute, and its German competitor. For one, the styling’s much more significant–much more like BMW’s cars, less blocky and better proportioned–and the cabin’s been handled to a business-class improvement with a clarified layout for controls and a better grade of materials.

Of course, you’ll want to drive them head to head and compare for yourselves. The BMW X3 wins us over by honing its crossover basics to a sharper, car-like edge. More details about auto parts, feel free to carpart4u.Chevy Accessories